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Brew Campaigners To Lobby Parliament

The Campaign for Real Ale’s logo. Image By Ben Sutherland via Flickr CC

Three weeks ago, we looked at the “crushing burden” of the duty beer tax escalator that’s putting pubs all over the country in jeopardy.  Since the scheme was introduced four years ago, beer tax has increased by over 40%, leaving landlords struggling to pay the bill and microbrewers sweating over their customers.

Jon Howard, CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) press manager, said that this “affects the whole industry from grain to glass”.

“It is simple economics. The more pubs that close, the bigger the threat will become for brewers,” he added.

After heading an online petition for the tax escalator to be scrapped that gathered over 100,000 signatures, CAMRA have planned a mass lobbying day at the Houses of Parliament on December 12th.

The ‘Save your pint’ lobbying day will push followers of the cause to arrange meetings with their MPs and argue their case, posing a wide-spread promotion of the campaign’s principles.

The day will, of course, be rounded off with a celebratory pint.

The fire fuelling resistance to the beer tax escalator is hotter than ever, and with such a gigantic following, chances of tackling the government and saving struggling pubs are looking excitingly high.

After all, where would microbreweries be without their patrons? The brew economy is straggling, which is a massive shame considering the sharp rise of craft beer in London.

The Brewconomy needs your help, enlist here!


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